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Awarepoint Launches New Website

Submitted byBernard Lee on

​We’re very excited to announce the brand new Awarepoint website, which reflects the company’s new platform based on Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology, and expansion  into new industries including retail and manufacturing. New pages speak to the value proposition for each industry and explain why Awarepoint’s BLE+WiFi location based technology is the right choice to deliver real-time location insights and operational intelligence to make your business more efficient, improve your quality management and save you money. An in-depth technology section explains Awarepoint’s new BLE/Wi-Fi infrastructure and provides details on our BLE Intelligent Beacons and BLE/Wi-Fi Tags. There is a section on the company’s analytics and reporting tools that transform real-time location data into operational intelligence. Another section details Awarepoint’s turnkey managed services, which ensure you achieve the best results in location monitoring.

Your feedback is very important to us. Should you have any comments or suggestions for website improvement, please share them with us.