Creating RTLS healthcare differentiation with results

Awarepoint is at the forefront of RTLS innovation with easy-to-use, patented technology that facilitates patient flow and throughput, allowing hospital staff to focus on what really matters – patient care.

  • Demonstrable ROI of 300-700%
  • The largest single-campus RTLS healthcare deployment (>4 million square feet)
  • The largest integrated delivery network (IDN) deployment (38 hospitals and 300-plus medical office buildings across 4 regions, with 32+ million square feet of coverage and 160,000 tags deployed to date)
  • 30-45 day deployments, the fastest in the industry

Driving clinical and financial outcome improvements

With Awarepoint, organizations are able to leverage current IT investments to further improve communication, enhance coordination, streamline process flow, elevate enterprise asset management, improve staff efficiency, optimize patient flow and throughput and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

Delivering operation efficiency through workflow-enabled RTLS solutions

Awarepoint optimizes healthcare workflow by offering the industry’s only cloud-based, Real-time Location System (RTLS) in an integrated solution of software, technology and managed services on a single platform. Dedicated exclusively to healthcare, Awarepoint offers the experience, reliability and proven solutions that drive positive clinical and financial outcomes in the largest healthcare RTLS deployments in the world.

Celebrating ten years of client success

In December 2012, Awarepoint celebrated its 10th anniversary, and credits its outstanding growth, momentum and track record to its loyal client base, innovative RTLS technology, software engineers and other dedicated associates, and the increasing market demand for its RTLS solutions.

Establishing RTLS leadership through differentiation

Awarepoint offers a comprehensive RTLS solution that features superior technology, software and managed services on a single platform to enhance asset management and patient flow, taking the burden off hospital staff and driving a significant return on investment.

  • Self-healing mesh network | Utilizing existing electrical outlets, our wireless mesh network is reliable, accurate and self-healing, and eliminates the risks of Wi-Fi interference and bandwidth burden, with no additional wiring or hardware required.
  • Fully integrated solution | The integrated hardware and software package optimizes identification and resolution of workflow issues, and drives proactive improvements.
  • Managed services | Awarepoint supports and maintains the network infrastructure and hardware devices, lifting the burden from hospital staff.
  • Single point of contact | One call for all hardware, software, service and maintenance needs.
  • Extensible software platform | Organizations can obtain early value from the aware360°suite’s asset management module and incrementally expand to more complex workflow solutions – without additional infrastructure investment.
  • Focus on ROI | Monthly status calls and quarterly governance meetings with Awarepoint’s client services team ensure early and sustained achievement of ROI goals, and operational, clinical and performance management improvement objectives.
  • Business intelligence | Comprehensive data and reporting provides insight to improve patient, clinician and asset flow, optimize patient-clinician interaction, reduce care delays, and improve safety.