awarepoint strategic partners

Strategic partners, superior value

Awarepoint partners with leading technology and service companies to maximize benefits to clients and the hospital market nationwide. Meaningful partnerships and synergies help Awarepoint drive innovation and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Integration partners

Awarepoint partners with healthcare solution companies to RTLS-enable those applications, and optimize core clinical and business processes. RTLS has a synergistic effect on the EMR and other systems by automating additional workflow tasks, and providing a critical link between caregiver movement and care delivery. Hyper-accurate RTLS combined with advanced analytics is transforming clinical workflow.

Federal partners

Awarepoint’s federal partners provide government healthcare customers with solutions that use RTLS to improve operations and healthcare services, while meeting federal procurement requirements.

Technology partners

Technology partnerships ensure the delivery of standards-based RTLS technology that delivers efficiency, security, performance, scalability and reliability.

Value-added resellers

Value-added resellers deliver Awarepoint’s RTLS solution, along with customized integration, consulting, training and/or implementation assistance.