Awarepoint RTLS Solutions

The only RTLS Technology with guaranteed location accuracy - enterprise, room and bay!

Awarepoint’s patented solution uses a ZigBee®-based 802.15.4 standard to deliver the fastest, least disruptive RTLS in the industry - a 100% wireless, self-healing mesh network that assures consistent location accuracy. Awarepoint delivers the healthcare industry's only cloud-based Real-time Location System (RTLS) on a single platform of integrated software, technology and managed services. The aware360°Suite enables predictive workflows to improve asset management and patient flow across the enterprise—allowing administrators and care providers to advance the quality, efficiency, experience and economics of care. Dedicated exclusively to healthcare, Awarepoint offers the experience and proven solutions that power the largest healthcare RTLS deployments in the world. 

RTLS Solutions Designed for Healthcare

The aware360°Suite intelligently automates and streamlines asset management, capacity management, patient tracking, caregiver coordination and ED and OR workflows. The suite spans the entire hospital enterprise, leveraging an intelligent inventory control tracking system, patient tracking software and RFID and RTLS tag location and movement to follow, report on and proactively improve asset, staff and patient flow. The suite is comprised of the following applications… 

Advanced hospital asset tracking and management

awareAssets ensures robust hospital asset tracking and resource management. This comprehensive RTLS solution tracks, maps and reports the location and status of mobile assets and rentals in real time, allowing clinicians and administrators to improve asset management and utilization, decrease capital and rental expenditures, reduce equipment loss, manage regulatory compliance for temperature and humidity monitoring, and streamline preventive maintenance and recall compliance.

  • $3-7 in hard ROI for every dollar spent on hospital asset tracking and management
  • Reduction in preventive maintenance burden by aligning asset inventory to meet actual demand
  • Reduction in equipment search times by 80%, with nearly 100% availability
  • 80-90% utilization of owned assets through RTLS and RFID tracking and PAR-level equipment management

Temperature and Humidity monitoring

The awareAssets temperature and humidity monitoring module tracks and records ambient room humidity, and the temperature of refrigerators, freezers and warmers across the organization—eliminating manual logging of temperatures and humidity levels, and centralizing documentation to provide enterprise-wide data access.

The wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system immediately notifies personnel about out-of-range conditions to expedite resolution, yielding better performance management and documentation compliance.

•Save $250,000 per year in labor associated with manual temperature and humidity logging
•Eliminate annual spoilage costs by $10,000-$100,000

Patient throughput and hand-off communication for surgical care

awareSurgical improves OR patient flow and asset management by helping perioperative staff visualize the location and status of patients, clinicians and equipment throughout the department in real time, intelligently orchestrating workflow to streamline communication, care coordination and patient throughput.

  • Add 1-2 additional OR cases per day
  • Reduce bed turnover times 25-50%
  • Reduce patient wait times by 50%
  • Reduce OR case calls by 80%
  • Improve patient and family satisfaction
  • Improve staff and physician satisfaction

Caregiver efficiency and patient satisfaction for the emergency department

awareED enhances emergency department workflow and patient flow via a tracking engine and advanced workflow rules that measure location, movement and interaction among patients, staff and medical equipment. Caregivers can anticipate and manage their workflow, and streamline movement of patients through the emergency department.

  • Reduce patient wait times 50%
  • Reduce ED visit time 25-50%
  • Reduce bed turnover times 25-50%
  • Reduce the number of patients that leave without being seen 25-50%
  • Improve patient and family satisfaction
  • Improve staff and physician satisfaction

Capacity management and quality care for inpatient settings

awarePatientCare helps organizations achieve quality improvement in healthcare delivery by applying a tracking engine and workflow rules to the inpatient setting, improving compliance with CMS-based standards of care, expediting order execution and care transitions, shortening length of stay and providing more capacity for additional patients without an increase in staffing.

  • Reduce in patient length of stay 1-3 hours
  • Reduce bed turnover time 40-50%
  • Improve compliance with quality measures and time-based care milestones
  • Improve timeliness of order execution
  • Streamline clinical workflow to increase clinician time at the bedside
  • Log clinician time at the bedside to truly understand workload and acuity
  • Improve patient and family satisfaction
  • Track infectious disease exposure outbreaks

Hand hygiene compliance monitoring

awareHandHygiene uses location tracking devices to monitor staff compliance with soap-and-water or gel-based hand hygiene in relation to patient encounters and food handling.

  • Improve hand hygiene compliance 30-60%
  • Reduce incidence of hospital-acquired infections and limit the resulting treatment costs
  • Elevate performance on a key metric that demonstratesquality improvement in healthcare

Outcomes-based implementation services

Awarepoint conducts an up-front impact analysis that identifies and quantifies process improvement goals, including desired outcomes , to ensure optimization of both clinical and financial outcomes. Lean-process and Six Sigma experts help clients create the system according to industry best practices and each hospital’s unique needs.

Awarepoint provides a single point of accountability for support and maintenance of the RTLS technology, eliminating burden on hospital staff. Services include:

  • 24/7 Technical Support Line
  • Quarterly on-site service visits
  • Network health and verification
  • Quarterly business reviews