asset tracking

Enterprise Asset Tracking and Management

Guaranteed return on investment

Awarepoint has a long history of delivering hard-dollar savings in accordance with ROI projections and improving the amount of time clinicians may spend on direct patient care.

  • $3-7 in hard ROI for every dollar spent
  • $500,000 savings in one-time planned capital purchases for the average 500 bed facility
  • $100,000 annual savings in lost or stolen equipment replacement
  • Up to 75% savings in rental equipment costs

Improve asset visibility, access and inventory management

awareAssets facilitates sound enterprise asset management by efficiently tracking, mapping and reporting the location and status of mobile assets and rentals in real time. This allows clinicians and administrators to improve asset utilization, support better resource and inventory management, decrease capital and rental expenditures, reduce equipment loss, manage regulatory compliance and streamline preventive maintenance and recall compliance.

Intuitive user interface

Staff can leverage the solution’s sophisticated inventory management and tracking system to search and locate assets by building, floor, unit or caregiver, using a geospatial facility map or table format. awareAssets displays up-to-the-minute information on the status and state of equipment.

Dashboards and notifications to keep information flowing

Alerts and notifications for par-level equipment management, rental use, etc. are delivered via smart phone, email or pager. Standard reports and dashboards enable healthcare organizations to visualize asset utilization in realtime, identify trends and formulate strategies for improving enterprise asset management.

Monitor compliance with regulations and protocols

Progressive, best-practice workflows monitor and manage equipment recalls, preventive maintenance, instrument tray sterilization and decontamination processes — alerting caregivers and ancillary staff when potential patient safety and quality risks are detected.