emergency department workflow

ED Patient Flow

Deliver ROI by streamlining ED operations

Awarepoint dramatically improves the operations of emergency departments by:

  • Reducing the length of stay for admitted patients 30+ minutes
  • Reducing the average length of stay for low acuity patients from 2+ hours to less than 60 minutes
  • Improving patient satisfaction 15-20%
  • Reducing patient walkouts 25-50%

Learn about an RTLS success story in streamlining ED operations.

Improve emergency department workflow visibility and throughput, reduce length of stay

At the core of awareED is a tracking engine and advanced workflow rules that measure location, movement and interaction among patients, staff and medical equipment. By feeding this powerful information into a geospatial view of the ED, staff— for the first time — can visualize the care progression of all patients in the department, fostering more streamlined emergency department workflow.

Drive operational efficiency with dashboards and scorecards

ED leadership can achieve better resource management across the department through real-time dashboards that monitor the status of key ED patient flow metrics.

  • Track and communicate location data, wait times and room assignments
  • Maintain interaction logs for critical care time and respiratory therapy treatment reporting
  • Record milestones based on patient movement and ancillary staff presence in rooms
  • Facilitate room turn-around time through housekeeping notification and logging
  • Display dashboards for room utilization, average length of stay based on location, census by triage class, etc.

Optimize caregiver efficiency and team communication

awareED identifies and communicates patient care milestones in real time to the specific caregivers who need that information for better, more informed decision making. As a result, caregivers can anticipate and manage their emergency department workflow, and streamline patieint flow through the emergency department.