Real Time Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Reduce the incidence of hospital acquired infections (HAI) and associated cost exposure

Organizations using awareHandHygiene reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections (HAI) by:

  • Improving hand hygiene compliance 30-60%
  • Using compliance trends to identify process and infrastructure improvement requirements

Improve hand hygiene compliance

awareHandHygiene uses real time location tracking to monitor staff compliance with soap-and-water or gel-based hand hygiene events related to patient encounters and food handling. Organizations can reduce the spread of infection by improving hand hygiene practices through staff’s understanding of the monitoring process (Hawthorne effect), and providing alerts to clinicians and leadership about non-compliant events.

Effective gel- and soap-and-water-based monitoring

awareHandHygiene uses a sophisticated rules engine to identify appropriate timing for hand hygiene (before or after a patient interaction or break), and monitors the effectiveness of the hand hygiene event (e.g. dwell time of personnel at a soap-and-water sink for 15 seconds). 

Monitor and drive compliance improvement with reports, dashboards and analytics

This real time location solution eliminates the need for manual observation and helps leaders trace potential cross-contamination from poor hand hygiene. Historical dashboards provide leadership with data to drive compliance and improvement – by individual, role and department. Leveraging this RTLS solution helps realize better performance management and quality improvement in healthcare delivery.