RTLS Technology band

Guaranteed location accuracy – enterprise, room and bay. Rapid installation. Very low maintenance.

Awarepoint’s patented real time location system uses a ZigBee®-based 802.15.4 standard to deliver the fastest, least disruptive RTLS in the industry - a 100% wireless, self-healing mesh network that assures consistent location accuracy, effective patient tracking and strong hospital asset management.

Doesn’t interfere with, or burden mission-critical WiFi networks

Physical layer radio technology and protocols are designed for very low power consumption at data rates to that do not interfere with or burden WiFi signals. The network returns precise, room-level accuracy and eliminates floor hopping, which can be problematic in WiFi-based deployments.

Tag technology to meet every need

Each RFID and RTLS tag features unique functionality and a specific form factor to support diverse business applications. With the suite of tags, organizations can immediately address asset management challenges, increasing equipment utilization, reducing rentals and preventing equipment loss while simultaneously enhancing patient safety, patient flow, temperature monitoring compliance, and workflow and business processes.

Easy To Use Real Time Location Software

Awarepoint’s technology delivers:

  • Non-intrusive, rapid-time-to-impact implementations — go live in 30-45 days.
  • Room- and bay-level location accuracy
  • Guaranteed interaction detection
  • Long tag battery life and low-cost, low-maintenance operations
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces

A smart economic and technical choice

Awarepoint provides the most elegant solution for addressing both the economic and technical requirements associated with delivering RTLS applications for use in dynamic, technologically and operationally challenging environments like hospitals.