or patient flow

Surgical Throughput

Increase surgical throughput and generate more revenue

Awarepoint clients experience significant improvements in key clinical and financial metrics including:

  • Adding an additional 1-2 cases per day, without increasing staff
  • Decreasing OR turn-around time 15-25%
  • Improving the timeliness of IV antibiotics 25-50%
  • Improving staff satisfaction 25-50%
  • Reducing case-related phone calls 80%
  • Improving family satisfaction through proactive communication

Learn about an RTLS success story presented at the HIMSS 2014 Conference: RTLS, Predictive Analytics Drive Patient Throughput and Satisfaction.

Improve on time case starts and eliminate common delays in surgical care

awareSurgical enhances OR patient flow and asset management by helping perioperative staff visualize the location and status of patients, clinicians and equipment throughout the department in real time, intelligently orchestrating workflow to streamline communication, care coordination and patient throughput. Integrated reporting provides managers with retrospective analytics to assist in ongoing workflow optimization and performance management.

Proactively communicate roadblocks for timely resolution

This RTLS solution identifies roadblocks to care progression based upon best-practice workflows, quickly flagging bottlenecks and communicating them to staff in real time to facilitate resolution.

Increase team efficiency and drive continuous quality improvement

awareSurgical supports optimal OR patient flow and resource management, ensuring surgical schedules progress as planned and eliminating common delays that can have drastic impacts on OR efficiency, quality and revenue. Using RTLS technology and an advanced business rules engine, awareSurgical interprets location, movement and interactions across the department to draw conclusions about the current state, appropriate next steps and personnel required to execute care.